Skyrocket your market share with custom-built AI supercomputing

With all the hype around AI, hundreds of companies have joined the race to change the way we live, work, and interact with each other. It's a dog-eat-dog market where speed is key.

With ClusterPower, you get access to a state-of-the-art AI infrastructure built on Nvidia H100 GPU technology. From super-scale parallel AI training to massive LLM inference that requires hundreds of GPUs working in sync, we provide the right infrastructure for your workloads to accelerate your time to market and global expansion.

Stay ahead of the competition and accelerate your market expansion with unparalleled computing power

We are building and opening a new phase of our exascale GPU infrastructure and offering it as dedicated, reserved, scalable units.

We work with leading technology vendors and service providers to deploy Super Compute AI infrastructure quickly and seamlessly.

Our reference architecture and tested design is based on scalable units of 31 H100 nodes, providing the compute power needed to train today's state-of-the-art deep learning (DL) models and drive innovation well into the future. Our validated setup is based on:

  • HGX 8x H100 (80GB, SXM5 version)
  • 400 Gbps NDR Infiniband non-blocking fabric (3.2 Tbps per node)
  • Cisco ACI network fabric
  • NetApp NVMe storage

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The scale-out units can be interconnected to form multi- node DL and HPC dedicated platforms of up to 127 HGX 8x H100 nodes, with a total of 1,016 Nvidia Hopper GPUs.

In addition to bare metal, reserved and dedicated infrastructure, you have the flexibility to bring your own software stack or get bundled PaaS and DevOps management capabilities for hassle-free operations.

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Optimize your resource utilization with GPU acceleration tailored to your workloads

Today's GPU accelerators only process a fraction of the input, especially for larger models. Patching is just a trick to get around memory limitations, reducing the visual context and accuracy of your AI. With the Nvidia H100 in SXM5 version and the NVIDIA NVLink® Switch System, you can customize your AI supercomputer to accelerate exascale-sized workloads. Read More
If you are in the modeling or training phase and need to simulate and test hundreds of parallelized workloads, or if you are in the inference phase and need to expand to a wide range of customers and crunch massive databases, you need access to the right GPU acceleration infrastructure. Fast movers can benefit from custom architectures optimized for their specific workloads. Less

If you need to either scale or optimize your GPU infrastructure, let's talk.

Reduce your training and inference time, as well as the time you need to reach and serve your customers

With the latest Nvidia Hopper GPUs, you can train your large language models at 10x the speed of standard GPUs / 4x the speed of previous generation Nvidia GPUs, with sequence lengths of 50,000 vs. 2,000 on standard GPUs. All allowing you to deliver higher accuracy, faster. Read More
In addition, with a dedicated Transformer engine to solve trillion-parameter language models, the H100's combined technology innovations can accelerate LLMs inference by an incredible 30x over the previous generation to deliver industry-leading conversational AI. Less

Get groundbreaking performance and increase your agility and speed. Let us know what you need.

Control your costs with the lowest price on the market

Because we work directly with technology vendors and service providers, we keep our prices at the lowest on the market for the best technology. There are no transfer or egress costs, no hidden fees, and we use fully transparent and predictable pricing models with flexible monthly, quarterly, annual, or multi-year prepayments.Less

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Perks & benefits

Tailor-Made Projects

Optimized AI infrastructure for your workload requirement

Build & Transfer Options

We deploy it, you own it, and have it collocated in our 5-star DCs

Managed Services Included

Consultancy & design validation, dedicated account team, 24/7 support

Eco-friendly and ESG Compliant

100% green energy and one of the highest energy efficiency worldwide

GDPR and Schrems II

Our datacenters are built and operated in the European Union

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About ClusterPower

ClusterPower is an innovative digital infrastructure provider for large-scale deployments that require resilience and redundancy. To date, the company has developed the only privately owned petascale A100 supercomputing infrastructure-as-a-service platform in CEE and SEE, hosted in its 5-star, sustainable, high-density data center.

The company is vertically integrated - from on-site green energy generation to cloud and artificial intelligence infrastructure as a service - offering a unique set of benefits to its customers.

At the top of the list:

  • High availability of services for mission-critical applications - as an Uptime Institute certified Tier III facility
  • Cost optimization through its high energy efficiency - PUE 1.1 (essential for its high-density collocation customers)
  • Meeting the ESG requirements of enterprise customers
  • Integrated cybersecurity - with the largest scrubbing center in the region
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